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Originally founded to provide Consultancy to IT Resellers, we now provide our IT services directly to Corporate, Education and Government organisations.

Our specialties include Hosted IT services such as Remote Backup, Disaster Recovery, Hosted Private and Hosted Shared environments, Hosted VoIP Telephony, Connectivity, IT Support and Network Monitoring, Hardware Guaranteed Fix Maintenance, Software Asset Management, Global Purchasing Strategies, Financial Services and Procurement in general.

We believe in providing straightforward solutions to complex problems with unparalleled levels of support throughout each process.

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Hosted IT
What to Expect

A friendly, professional approach geared to providing you with comprehensive advice at the first time of request. Our Account Managers and Consultants are experienced and dedicated to delivering ‘service excellence’ with an ultimate goal of saving your organisation as much time and expense as possible.

Hosted-IT has the in-house experience and expertise to migrate your existing environment into colocation Datacentres and then manage as a private or shared cloud environment. We understand that although we have the ability to provide these services, a fully Hosted-IT managed service might not fit your business strategy straight away. We can demonstrate the services best suited and advise in what order to incorporate.

We pride ourselves in taking time to understand your organisation and carry out discovery exercises during each project request. After discovery we will provide our findings within a proposal accompanied with an HLD (High Level Design) and project plan to give total peace of mind.

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Hosted IT
Back-Up and Disaster Recovery

Hosted in one of our Financial Grade, Tier 4* Co-Location Datacentres our one touch Back-Up and Disaster Recovery provides Recovery Time Objects (RTO) as quickly as 15 minutes. Removing the uncertainty from traditional backup solutions this highly cost effective service is becoming increasingly popular for true business continuity.

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Hosted IT
Shared cloud environments

This is the most cost effective and popular method Hosted-IT offer for outsourced environments. Your Data is encrypted on virtual servers, stored on SANs under our control and never floated to equipment owned by others.

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Hosted IT
Private cloud environments

This service is for larger companies or organisations where the strictest security procedures have to be observed and followed. Your Data will only pass through devices owned or leased by you in dedicated racks or pod's as required.

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Support and Proactive Network Monitoring

Extremely popular for organisations who have an existing environment which is still current, but are looking for best of breed support and cost savings. We proactively monitor your environment, in most cases highlighting potential issues before they become problems, and provide customers direct contact to 3rd level consultants. Also popular for organisations who have on-site technical resource, but require specialised expertise for particular technologies.

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Hosted ITVoIP

We offer VoIP telephony services giving you all the features of an on premise system with the peace of mind that the solution will never be outdated or need upgrading. As new features are developed you will be informed of the benefits they offer your business and they can be deployed without interruption.

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We can provide and manage all elements of your network from installation of services like ADSL, FTTC, EFM through to fibre leased lines and MPLS networks. Our team has experience and expertise designing and configuring complex multi-site Wide Area Networks including MPLS infrastructure. We can advise of suitable products for each and every type of requirement and location.

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Software Asset Management

Keeping track of License ownership and entitlement is extremely difficult and this is only extrapolated as companies grow, new sites are added, when you operate over multiple regions and the manufacturer policies change. HOSTED-IT can provide a complete license position for your organisation allowing you to redistribute or sell surplus licenses guaranteeing license compliance.

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Asset Compliance Portal and Processes

Once you are license compliant we can advise and help implement the best practices to guarantee license and hardware asset management. The HOSTED-IT partner portal allows you to log all of your service, hardware and license contracts/purchases which provides notice updates prior to support expiration and helps continued compliance.

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Hardware Guaranteed Fix Maintenance

Hosted-IT partner with the major Maintenance providers and offer a continuity of service for our customers. These are the same providers used by the major manufacturers but Hosted-IT offer guaranteed fix times instead of response times.

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Global Purchasing Strategies

We have expertise in supply of Hardware and Software in multiple Continents and the regions within. There are purchasing advantages to buying in different continents and regions and HOSTED-IT can explore and explain if you can benefit from any of these advantages.

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Financial Services

HOSTED-IT use financial services as a business driver and not a separate revenue stream. Manufacturers offer promotions amounting to 0% and where possible we pass these promotions directly to the customer to achieve the lowest overall cost.

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Procurement in General

HOSTED-IT can supply equipment from all the major IT Manufacturers and initiate contracts with others upon request from our customers. Our experience has refined the procurement process to offer cost efficiency whilst not compromising service.

We look forward to demonstrating our service excellence so please contact us to discuss how we can help.

Call us on 020 3697 7963 or use the form to the right.

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